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Mulching is key for ensuring your lawn and landscape not only look good, but also clean and well maintained. Aside from mulches adding a decorative component, mulch benefits your soil and plants. Benefits of mulch include adding a layer of protection from the Sun, reduction of water loss due to evaporation, assistance with weed control, and even acts as an insulator for your soil to keep your plants happy & healthy year round! Here at Turn-A-Leaf we pride ourselves on selling you the best in mulch products that not only make your lawn look great but also are safe for children and pets.


Turn-A-Leaf carries 100% ALL NATURAL, triple ground Bark mulch in 3 varieties:

  • Appalachian Brown – color enhanced

  • Midnight Mountain Black – color enhanced

  • Natural Hardwood Brown


*MSDS sheets available for color enhanced mulches upon request.

Appalachian Brown

    -color enhanced

Midnight Mountain Black

        -color enhanced

Natural Hardwood Brown

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